Making the Case for Change

If you find that your company's projects suffer from lack of continued and committed buy-in from stakeholders, or if your organization often makes decisions about where to apply its resources -- human or otherwise -- based on less-than-solid business cases, Making the Case for Change is for you. This workshop will provide practical skills for building a solid case for undertaking change in an organization, and persuading stakeholders to support it. Participants will leave the workshop with the tools to lay the groundwork for launching transformational change efforts in their enterprises.

We can tailor this workshop to meet the specific needs of your organization, such as by focusing on specific elements of business case creation, or by assisting with actual change proposals you are in the process of developing. This workshop can run from a half day to two days, depending on need.

We presented this workshop at Cornell University's Johnson Graduate School of Management in October 2010 as part of its Leadership Skills Program.

The workshop outline is available for download here. Please Contact us for more information.