Our services cover four main areas, all of which are interconnected. A given engagement can focus on one particular area or span several.

Business Process Analysis and Design

We will analyze your business operations, systems, and processes in order to uncover inefficiency and unnecessary cost; duplication of effort; and unintended risk. We will articulate our findings in an easy-to-digest manner, then take the next step of working with you to design improved processes. This can extend to developing requirements and functional specifications for computer applications and/or potential outsourcing providers or other business partners.

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Change Implementation

From system and service provider selection through the implementation of the chosen solutions, we provide leadership that focuses on realizing the business outcomes of your change initiative. From small projects to international programs with distributed teams, we can enhance the delivery of results in a number of ways:

  • Being your project or program manager, responsible directly to the business sponsor for a successful project, including management of permanent and contract staff as well as stakeholder management.
  • Advising you on structuring your change initiative for maximum effectiveness: project team, governance structure, key milestones, and risks and issues management.
  • Assessing your in-flight project and providing advice on how to remediate problems with delivery, including vendor relationships, disaffected stakeholders, ineffective leadership, changing circumstances, and myriad other factors that can derail projects.
  • Mentoring your project manager or supplementing his or her efforts with proven, experienced senior leadership.
  • Helping you communicate your objectives both upward and downward in the organization to align people's objectives and expectations.
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Management Advisory Services

We provide management advisory services in several areas:

  • Strategic planning: mapping your organization's future; establishing (or enhancing) robust governance processes; identifying ways to reduce cost, redundancy, and risk.
  • Business case development: working with you to articulate clearly and objectively the case for undertaking an initiative, be it expanding into new business lines, acquiring or disposing of business units, starting a large project, or switching vendors.
  • Health checks: providing you with an outside perspective on the health of your organization, including organizational structures, staffing of key positions, management priorities, morale, and culture.

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Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

We can lead your meeting, offsite, or executive retreat to generate results including alignment on a shared vision, clearly agreed actions, and mutual accountability.

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